Tokyo Rig

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

When I first saw this I was thinking, "what the hell..?". Let's be honest, new stuff isn't always a welcomed sight. But here's the isn't new (totally). The Japanese have been killing it with this style for years. It is widely know as the Tokyo Rig thanks to VMC aka (Leadered Punch Shot), not sure of the Japanese word. Basically what this consists of is a single hook, like a 2/0 with a wire leader that has an extended weight. Nothing super exotic, but very effective. I guess you could say that a drop shot could do the same thing, but the leader is not monofilament so it won't collapse.

It "punches" through vegetation instead of finesse-ing through them. It is anything but finesse like I am a fan-favorite of personally, but it has a useful disposition. The hook is more or less independent of the leader and weight so when a fish hits it, it is hitting the hook. Any of you that have shared my love for finesse fishing like our valued customer and Finesse Angler Matt McKinley, you know that "finesse" is NOT a power fishing technique. The Tokyo Rig may be a great PNW alternative for that.

The rig was co-developed by Bass Angler Jedi Mike Iaconelli in conjunction with VMC, the hook manufacturer. The hook features a heavy-duty, wide-gap with a 3 degree offset which gives it an excellent hook set. The wire is connected by a rolling swivel and is open-ended to allow for several different weight options. I am curious if a smaller "finesse" style could be used at some point..? Maybe that will be something BSB can work on. In short, I was skeptic, but this seems to be a well thought out design and will likely be my PLAN B option to come.

Keep Your Rods Up,