Soft Plastic Salmon Eggs

This has been done for a few years now, but not to the level that Big Sexy Baits has. Our soft plastic baits have just raised the bar in the soft plastic egg industry (if there is such a thing). We came up with a cluster of salmon roe that is unlike anything you have seen. Oh sure there are clusters out there, but we are talking legit egg clusters for the monsters in Alaska and around the PNW. The BSB CLUSTERS - XL are about the size of a half-dollar. You are not going to find that on the market right now. They are totally buoyant and made with a special blend of super soft plastic that gives it an almost realistic feel to them.

I have fished for salmon and steelhead in the Snohomish since 1980 and my go-to was always cured eggs. But here is the thing with that...they disintegrate PLUS you have to catch fish that you can actually harvest eggs from to begin with. The BSB CLUSTERS will not disappoint you when it comes to those key things. The extra cool thing about these is that BSB has 3 different sizes, (SM, LRG and XL). Those are szes from approx. a dime to a half-dollar. So forget the strings of eggs that you tie up in a ball...get the ball from the start. Take Care

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