Never Quit Fishing

There are some soft plastic bait products out there that really catch my eye and make me think, "Yes...I can get behind this." Well NQ has some amazing new stuff out there and they are really thinking outside of the box. Never Quit Fishing is a Veteran Owned company from the PNW that was the brainchild of our good friend Todd Kramer and folks...this stuff is Sexy!!!

During my days in South Carolina when I was designing soft plastics for "the other guy", it was all about the bass. That was all good and fine, but I was limiting myself while others were coming up with some awesome ideas. For example; soft plastic beads and soft plastic baits for other types of fish, and why not. Simple enough concept, but what a great idea and what a fabulous market to reach. NQ has started making soft plastic beads in a couple different sizes (14mm and 21mm), that's about .56" and .83" for guys like me. The colors available are phenominal. You don't have to have unlimited colors to make an impact. My personal favorite is the &q