Lure Frenzy

I cannot tell you how many different tackle box companies have contacted me over the years, but it must be hundreds. The answer is always the same..."I don't think I can do that." It isn't because of quantity and it isn't really because of money, it is because I don't want BSB baits thrown in a box with 10 others and lose the quality aspect of what I make. However, when Trent from Lure Frenzy contacted me, I was immediately interested in what he had going on. Any time a company starts off by saying they want to represent small business America...well hell, I am in.

Lure Frenzy is paving a road that has been lost, forgotten or is just not traveled much anymore. Focusing on Quality, paying attention to detail and support the small business of America that I am very passionate about. So I of course had to be a part of what they have going on over there. The first thing you will notice when you go to besides it being a well put together site are the brands they support. Maybe not the biggest out there, but so what. They are great looking baits, all of them. Competition to me is like a buffet, someone always has something different to bring to the table so if you want a 5" craw, then go see Bio Bait. If you want some Finesse baits, then BSB is your brand. In the end we are folks just trying to make something great that the American Angler would like to use. Hats off to Lure Frenzy for making that road a viable path to take once again.