Big Sexy Baits is a Pacific Northwest soft plastic baits manufacturer out of Lake Stevens, Washington. Our baits are designed and produced by us; you won’t find “Made In Another Country” anywhere on our products. We take great pride in what we do and whom we cater to. If it is Bass, Trout, Salmon or Steelhead, we have something for you. When soft plastic baits came out in the 1950’s, as a hard rubber worm the bass fishing industry changed. Fast forward to today and it has become a necessity. With hundreds of soft plastic bait companies, anglers have a multitude of choices out there. Big Sexy Baits kept this in mind when Owner, Chad Cheney decided to focus on rigging techniques as a bases of his designs. He thought that baits should be designed for fishing styles, not by just what looks cool. By adding Quality to the equation, you can see how we arrive with the “Sexy” factor.


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